Hello President Biden, let’s see your office

Let’s all take a sigh of relief as we detox from political text messages, at least until the next congressional election in 2022. We have a new White House and with each President comes new Oval Office décor*. In line with his brand, former President Trump’s Oval office changed the red curtains of the Obama office to gold curtains. For now, President Biden decided to keep the gold look, that is believed to originated with the Clinton White House. Historian William Seale and CNN’s Erin Burnett report that every president changes the rug and President Biden was no exception. The White House must have a big storage area to hold spare tapestries and furniture.

Exterior view of the Oval Office

Did you know that moving the former president out and moving the new president in happens in merely 5 hours? This includes personal living quarters as well as the oval office. That sounds like a lot of pressure on the movers!

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*Visit links in references below to view Oval Office decor from the administrations referenced above.


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