Determination and Perseverance

For years my husband made me feel that I was not good enough to cut his hair. I guess it is a guy thing for he would spend hours sitting, waiting and later complaining that the barber had injured his scalp. Several times he got sores and bumps which I had to clean and treat. My petition fell on deft air for years. However last year his regular barber fired him – oh well!, when he got to the barber, he was told that they could not take him (a regular) that day for they were about to close. This was strange because my man is very on-time for his hair cuts, so yah! He got fired and he interpreted it that way and vowed to never go back. Can I cut your hair now? NO.

It has taken the Covid19 pandemic for my husband to finally allow me the privilege of cutting his hair. He loves it and since I’ve been cutting our boys hair for years, so what was his problem? Now he wants a hair cut at least every 2 weeks. “You are going to have to $$ pay me”, I said.

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